The Effect of Information Choice and Discussion on Consumers’ Willingness-to-Pay for Nanotechnologies in Food

We evaluate the impact of different information sequences on participants’ hypothetical willingness to pay (WTP) for food produced using nanotechnology. In three treatment groups, information on the health, societal, or environmental impact linked to nanotechnology was revealed in different sequences: an imposed order, a chosen order, and a chosen order after a discussion among participants. Results show that information choice is important. While in the imposed order, the first information revealed has no effect on WTP, the information chosen first has a strong impact. Discussion has no further impact. Health information was a priority and significantly decreased WTP, while societal and environmental information did not significantly influence WTP.


Roosen, Jutta; Bieberstein, Andrea; Marette, Stephan; Blanchemanche, Sandrine; Vandermoere, Frederic, The Effect of Information Choice and Discussion on Consumers' Willingness-to-Pay for Nanotechnologies in Food, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Volume 36, Issue 2, August 2011, Pages 365-374

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