Seale, James L., Jr.

By: Zhang, Lisha ; Seale, James L. Jr. ; Paggi, Mechel S. ; Schmitz, Troy G.
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) provides new U.S. food safety standards to lower the incidence of foodborne diseases. We analyze the FSMA in terms of adoption effects on differently sized domestic and foreign farms producing fresh tomatoes for the U.S. market. Findings indicate that adoption of the FSMA will negatively affect the revenues of very small farms the most as well as small U.S. farms. However, it will positively affect the revenues of foreign farms (especially Canadian) and large U.S. farms. This may lead to the restructuring of tomato production and distribution in the U.S. tomato market.
By: Seale, James L., Jr.; Sparks, Amy L.; Buxton, Boyd M.
A Rotterdam import allocation model is used to fit import data for fresh apples in four importing markets important to U.S. apple exporters. Nested tests rejected homotheticity but could not reject homogeneity, symmetry, or separability among import suppliers. A Monte Carlo test rejected first-order autocorrelation in each market. Expenditure and price elasticities are calculated and reported.