Sheldon, Ian M.

By: Sheldon, Ian M.; Pick, Daniel H.; McCorriston, Steve
This study examines the interaction between export subsidies and profit-shifting in a vertical production system consisting of agricultural commodity production, and intermediate and final good processing, where the latter two stages may be characterized by imperfect competition. Using a model with general functional forms for demand, comparative statics indicate that an export subsidy to an unprocessed agricultural commodity, under certain circumstances, can have greater profit-shifting effects at the final processing stage compared to an export subsidy targeted at the final processed good.
By: Deodhar, Satish Y.; Sheldon, Ian M.
In this article, the degree of imperfect competition in the world market for soymeal exports is estimated using a structural econometric model. The procedure consists of estimating a demand function and the industry first-order profit-maximization condition, from which an estimate of the degree of market power can be retrieved. Using a nonlinear three-stage least squares procedure, the estimate of market power shows that the world market for soymeal exports is perfectly competitive. The empirical results also indicate that this market was competitive even prior to entry by Argentinean firms in the mid-1970s.