About JARE

The Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics publishes creative and scholarly economic studies in agriculture, natural resources, and related areas. Manuscripts dealing with the economics of food and agriculture, natural resources and the environment, human resources, and rural development issues are especially encouraged. JARE provides a forum for topics of interest to those performing economic research as well as to those involved with economic policy and education. Submission of comments on articles previously published in JARE is welcomed.

ISSN 1068-5502 (Print); 2327-8285 (Online)

JARE Editorial Board

2018-2021 Editors

Jeffrey J. Reimer

Managing Editor

Department of Applied Economics
Oregon State University

Christian A. Langpap


Department of Applied Economics
Oregon State University

Dayton M. Lambert


Department of Agricultural Economics
Oklahoma State University

Timothy Park


Economic Research Service, Food Economics Division
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Amy Bekkerman

Publications Editor
Precision Edits            

2018-2021 Editorial Council

Joe Atwood, Montana State University
Alessandra Bonnano, Colorado State University
Yong Chen, Oregon State University
Kelly Cobourn, Virginia Tech
Amanda Countryman, Colorado State University
Steven Dundas, Oregon State University
Levan Elbakidze, West Virginia University
George Frisvold, University of Arizona
Miguel Gomez, Cornell University
Ardian Harri, Mississippi State University
Leah Harris Palm-Forster, University of Delaware
Katrina Jessoe, University of California, Davis
Berna Karali, University of Georgia
Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University
Prithviraj Lakkakula, Tennessee State University
Ashok Mishra, Arizona State University
Andrew Muhammad, University of Tennessee
Bailey Norwood, Oklahoma State University
Nick Paulson, University of Illinois
Dustin Pendell, Kansas State University
Fabio Santeramo, University of Foggia
Christiane Schroeter, Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo
Jordan Suter, Colorado State University
Mykel Taylor, Kansas State University
Ryan Williams, Texas Tech University
Wen You, Virginia Tech
Steven Zahniser, USDA-Economic Research Service