Bulls are an important investment for commercial beef cattle producers since, over time, bulls introduce most of the new genetic attributes into typical beef cow herds. Therefore, heritable bull traits determine bull prices. Bulls possess a large number of traits to consider in pricing. In recent years, new measures of both qualities have been introduced in the form of expected progeny differences (EPDs). This study estimates market values associated with specific bull attributes, recently introduced EPDs, and bull sale marketing efforts. Important bull price determinants include bull color, polled, conformation, muscling, disposition, age, birth weight, weaning weight, milk EPD, birth and weaning weight EPDs, sale location, order bull was sold, whether the bull had a picture in the sale catalog, and whether a percentage of semen rights were retained by the seller.


Dhuyvetter, Kevin C.; Schroeder, Ted C.; Simms, Danny D.; Bolze, Ronald P., Jr.; Geske, Jeremy, DETERMINANTS OF PUREBRED BEEF BULL PRICE DIFFERENTIALS, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Volume 21, Issue 2, December 1996, Pages 396-410

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