Ancev, Tihomir

January, 2023

By: Ancev, Tihomir; Bostian, Moriah; Barnhart, Brad
Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) is often used to evaluate an agricultural system's relative ability to process nitrogen (N) inputs. However, no universal indicator has simultaneously considered both economic and environmental objectives. We develop Luenberger indicators of NUE that incorporate both economic and environmental objectives to examine spatio-temporal changes in NUE, which we apply to the Upper Mississippi River Basin (UMRB) for the period 2002--2012. We find considerable spatial-temporal variation in NUE, which could be used to inform future agri-environmental policy and conservation targeting decisions in the UMRB. Using this approach could lead to more cost-effective targeting of areas for N reduction in the UMRB.

December, 2006

By: Ancev, Tihomir; Stoecker, Arthur L.; Storm, Daniel E.; White, Michael J.
This study presents a method to determine efficient environmental targets at a watershed level. Efficient targets are devised by estimating abatement cost and cost of environmental damages and minimizing their sum. The method was applied to a case study of phosphorus pollution in a watershed in Oklahoma. Several cumulative scenarios with alternative abatement options were simulated and efficient targets were determined. As the number of abatement options at disposal to agricultural sources increased, their optimal abatement expanded relative to the abatement at the point source. Efficient targets were found to be dependent on the choice of policy that stimulates abatement.