Guenthner, Joseph F.

December, 1995

By: Araji, A.A.; White, Fred C.; Guenthner, Joseph F.
Returns to investments in potato research were estimated for the United States and six subregions. The study combines time-series and cross-sectional data to estimate the supply response for potatoes. Two research variables, research within the state and within the region, were included as exogenous variables to identify spillovers of research results. The rate of return to investments in potato research in the U.S. is estimated at 79%. Of this, 31% accrues to states conducting the research and 69% is accounted for by the spillover effects.

December, 1992

By: Makus, Larry D.; Guenthner, Joseph F.; Lin, Biing-Hwan
A probit model identifies characteristics influencing Idaho potato producer support or opposition to a state mandatory certified seed law. Economic self interest appears to be the most important influencer. Current users of certified seed and growers of certified seed are strong supporters. However, producer attitudes about the impact of seed-borne diseases and effectiveness of certified seed as a control mechanism also are important. Respondent characteristics (gross farm income, potato acreage, and geographic region of the state) seem to be less important influencers.