Jablonski, Becca B.R.

September, 2023

By: Jablonski, Becca B.R.; Pender, John; Bauman, Allison; Rupasingha, Anil
Despite substantial effort to conceptualize wealth as supporting positive community economic development, little research tests the relationship between development outcomes and community wealth. This research assesses the relationship between the value-added food and agriculture business (VAFAB) sector and stocks of community wealth by leveraging a new dataset of stocks of community wealth and National Establishment Time Series data. We find significant relationships between the growth of VAFAB establishments and employment and stocks of community wealth. These results have implications for economic developers and policy makers in prioritizing investments should they want to grow the local VAFAB sector.

September, 2017

By: Jablonski, Becca B.R.; McFadden, Dawn Thilmany; Sullins, Martha; Curtis, Kynda R.
This research explores the determinants of effective beginning farmer programming and implications for emerging and established programs. We use responses from 100 interviews with participants in the Building Farmers in the West Program, one of the longest-standing beginning farmer training programs in the United States, to understand how key course principles predict improved farm profitability. Results show that specific production changes after taking the course—including the number of cultivated varieties (negative), number of farm enterprises (positive), and length of production season (positive)—are correlated with improved farm profitability. We make recommendations for future beginning farmer programming based on these results.