Musshoff, Oliver

May, 2018

By: Schaak, Henning; Musshoff, Oliver
Milk production methods and pasture usage have gained increasing attention in recent years. This paper studies possible influences on the decision to adopt grazing practices as well as on the extent of these practices. German dairy farms were analyzed using a multivariate sample-selection model. Results indicate that specialized farms and farms with greater pasture acreage per cow are more likely to adopt grazing practices; farms with larger herds are less likely to adopt. For farmers utilizing grazing, length of daily pasture access depends on production-related variables, while the annual period depends only on farm specialization.

May, 2016

By: Ihli, Hanna Julia; Chiputwa, Brian; Musshoff, Oliver
This study compares risk preferences elicited from two different methods and the resulting inconsistency rates in response behavior. We also identify and compare how demographic and socioeconomic characteristics influence risk preferences elicited from the two methods. We use experimental and survey data collected from 332 randomly selected smallholder coffee farmers in Uganda. We find relatively low inconsistency rates in the response behavior and that both methods classify most farmers as risk averse. However, a closer inspection reveals significantly different risk results. Specific demographic and socioeconomic characteristics affect farmers’ risk preferences but are not stable across elicitation methods.