Russell, Levi A.

By: Worley, Julian ; Dorfman, Jeffrey H. ; Russell, Levi A.
The impact of breed on carcass characteristics in various breeds of cattle has been well documented. This paper attaches these differences in breed characteristics to end revenue via different breed and breed combinations, percentage of Angus in pedigree, and purebred status. We find that while the genetics of many breeds is priced roughly in line with its value, some breeds are overpriced or underpriced by enough to significantly improve a cattle operation's profitability. We find that, relative to a pure Angus base, most breeds are less profitable in terms of carcass revenue per hundredweight.
By: Russell, Levi A.
This paper examines the effects of interest group Political Action Committee (PAC) spending on the passage of the Agricultural Act of 2014. I use a mixed-process model to examine correlations between ideology, constituent characteristics, and PAC contributions by agricultural and environmental interests and the probability that a legislator voted in favor of the act. I find a positive association between agricultural and environmental PAC contributions and the probability that a legislator voted in favor of the act. Further, I find that legislators representing relatively large rural populations were more likely to vote in favor of the act.