Schnitkey, Gary D.

April, 2011

By: Woodard, Joshua D.; Sherrick, Bruce J.; Schnitkey, Gary D.
This study examines the actuarial implications of the loss cost ratio (LCR) ratemaking methodology employed by the Risk Management Agency as a component of base rates for U.S. crop insurance programs, and identifies specific conditions required for the LCR methodology to result in unbiased rates when liabilities trend. Specifically, constant relative yield risk resulting in growing absolute variance through time and other restrictive requirements are required for the LCR to result in unbiased rates. These requirements are tested against a large farm-level data set for Illinois corn. Our findings indicate that the conditions required for appropriate use of the LCR methodology are violated for this high premium volume market, resulting in large implied rate biases. The process does not correct itself through time with the addition of longer rating periods as sometimes claimed. A simple correction function is suggested and demonstrated.

December, 1994

By: Novak, Frank S.; Schnitkey, Gary D.
This article evaluates the effects of including the costs of bankruptcy in a dynamic model of off-farm investment decisions using a stochastic dynamic programming (SDP) model which incorporates the stochastic dynamic nature of investment returns and the interrelationships between financial structure and investment decisions. Our results suggest that in the presence of bankruptcy, optimal investment decisions are affected by financial structure and financial market conditions. Ignoring bankruptcy costs in determining investment decisions results in a high probability of bankruptcy.

July, 1993

By: Schnitkey, Gary D.; Miranda, Mario J.
A discrete-time, continuous-space model of a livestock- crop producer is used to examine the long-run effects of phosphorus runoff controls on optimal livestock production and manure application practices. Quantity restrictions and taxes on phosphorus application are shown to reduce livestock supply and impose greater costs on livestock-crop producers than on crop-only producers. Restrictions on manure application, without accompanying restrictions on commercial fertilizer application, will have only a limited effect on phosphorus runoff levels.

December, 1992

By: Mjelde, James W.; Harris, Wesley D.; Conner, J. Richard; Schnitkey, Gary D.; Glover, Michael K.; Garoian, Lee
Concepts associated with stochastic process containing multiple transition matricies are discussed. It is proved that under certain conditions, a process with m transition matrices has m unique limiting probability vectors. This result extends the notion of discrete Markov processes to problems with intrayear and interyear dynamics. An example using a large DP model illustrates the usefulness of the concepts developed to applied problems.