Suter, Jordan F.

September, 2023

By: Lee, Marissa C.; Suter, Jordan F. ; Bayham, Jude
The impacts of wildfire are widely felt across the United States and expected to increase in coming years. However, little is known about the long-term impacts of wildfire on recreation. We evaluate the impact of wildfire on reservations to US Forest Service (USFS) campgrounds and find that wildfires decrease camping reservations up to 6 years after a fire occurs. The impacts vary across USFS regions, and our analysis reveals the important role of forest cover in determining the magnitude and duration of impacts. Our results imply that wildfires reduce benefits to campers, which can translate into less spending in nearby communities.

January, 2019

By: Manning, Dale T.; Suter, Jordan F.
Groundwater is a valuable input to agricultural production in many areas, but its use imposes external costs on nearby producers. Little attention has been given to externalities that directly affect groundwater productivity. We develop a dynamic, spatially-explicit model of groundwater use that allows changes in saturated thickness to affect both the pumping cost and productivity of nearby wells.We compare gains from coordinated, socially optimal groundwater use to those that result from a user pursuing unilateral optimization. For wells with average saturated thickness, both unilateral and coordinated optimization can moderately increase the net present value of resource rents.