Williams, Jeffery R.

By: Ramsey, Steven M.; Bergtold, Jason S.; Canales, Elizabeth; Williams, Jeffery R.
When considering adoption or intensification of existing conservation practices, farmers have unique, subjective views of the associated risks. These individual risk perceptions could have important implications for conservation adoption or intensification. As a result, traditional policy approaches to encourage conservation agriculture may be inefficient. This study examines conservation adoption, with special consideration given to yield-risk perceptions. We present a conceptual model of perceived yield risk and estimate bivariate probit models using survey data. Results indicate that positive practice perceptions, particularly with respect to soil fertility, and opportunities for on-farm trialing may encourage adoption.
By: Williams, Jeffery R.; Tanaka, Donald L.; Herbel, Kevin L.
Relationships among topsoil removal treatments and additions of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer in spring wheat yields are used to determine the effects on net returns and to estimate the marginal value of soil. The results indicate that risk-averse managers are not willing to make an expenditure for controlling erosion from the first 2.5 inches of soil if the erosion rate is 20 tons/acre/year or less and the planning horizon is 20 years or less. These managers would be willing to make an erosion control investment for the second 2.5 inches of soil equivalent to $4.90 to $5.20/acre from the twenty-first to forty-third year in the planning horizon.