Weersink, Alfons

April, 2005

By: Herath, Deepananda P.B.; Weersink, Alfons; Carpentier, Chantal Line
This study examines the factors affecting state annual share of national inventory for each of the hog, dairy, and fed-cattle sectors using data from the 48 contiguous states for 1976 to 2000. The paper develops a state specific, time-series environmental stringency measure and introduces instrumental variables to control for the possible endogeneity bias between livestock production decisions and regulatory stringency. The results indicate that differences in the severity of environmental regulations facing livestock producers have had a significant influence on production decisions in the dairy, and particularly the hog sector.

July, 1992

By: Turvey, Calum G.; Baker, Timothy G.; Weersink, Alfons
This article examines farm operating risks and cash-rent determination through the use of the efficient set mathematics. The efficient set mathematics proves to be a pragmatic approach to characterizing operating risks, and the relationships between operating risks and cash-rent determination. Various separation theorems are used to postulate the relationship between operating risk and cash rents. Preliminary evidence appears to support the theoretical conclusion that opperating risk and cash-rent determination are related.